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Field Guide > Marine Invertebrates > Honeycomb Barnacle

Honeycomb Barnacle
Chamaesipho tasmanica
Distinctive Markings
Four side plates, forms honey-comb shape, wiggly line across opening.
Identifying Characters
Four grey side plates. Each animal is joined closely to its neighbour in a honeycomb-like fashion. Up to 2 cm high, 5 mm wide.
Exposed rocky shores, at mid to upper tidal levels.
Honeycomb Barnacles are the most common of about a dozen acorn barnacle species in Victoria. They live in dense masses, so close together that the shells of neighbouring animals fuse together.
South-eastern Australia, including Victorian waters.
Other Information
Diet Organic matter
Phylum Arthropoda
Class Maxillopoda
Order Sessilia
Family Chthamalidae
Genus Chamaesipho
Species tasmanica
taxonsubgroup Barnacles
Not threatened
Size Small ( < 30 cm)
Colour Grey
Silhouette images/mv/survey_web/marBarnacle.jpg
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